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Tracie Austin

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About Tracie

Award-winning TV host of episodic Talk Show, Radio Host, Investigative Reporter and published author of three titles.

Having studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, Tracie began her on camera career in England 1998 with a series of Educational and Governmental videos. She began her broadcasting career in the USA from 2002 onwards with her cable TV Talk show which has won three Telly Awards for its excellence! The show was broadcast in California, New York, Arizona and Iowa. She is also a freelance reporter, and has written various articles for both British and American magazines, particularly on subjects of the highly strange but true!

Tracie has been a host for the Women's Radio Network and is currently host for KGRA Radio - broadcasting live shows weekly.

"I've come a long way since earlier in my career - realizing both the importance of balanced, honest reporting and interviewing. With each passing story or subject matter for discussion, I grow more passionate about making a difference in the world!"

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PBS TV What The Durrells Did Next Episode

PBS TV What The Durrells Did Next Episode

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Interview with Emmy Winner Presenter / Reporter Stacey Gualandi.   Editor credit Janeen Soria

Interview with Emmy Winner Presenter / Reporter Stacey Gualandi. Editor credit Janeen Soria

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PBS TV Signature Program With Tracie Austin

PBS TV Signature Program With Tracie Austin

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Tracie Austin has worked as on-air talent for several prerecorded fundraising events for Vegas PBS.  As an on-camera host, she has always been well prepared, demonstrated knowledge of the content and professionally performed before the camera. In every spot you can hear the passion in her voice and of which her personality shines through! Tracie is engaging on camera and always has a smile on her face during every production. You can most definitely see the professional talent that she brings to her on-camera presenting work.

PBS Television 2020

Nexus Productions

We have employed Tracie on a number of occasions as presenter and as voice over for a number of video projects.

These have included a short video for Keystage 2 school children about water transport. This involved a camera interview with the owner of a steam powered riverboat.

Other work has included a video about environmentally sensitive planning and restoration work in one of Britain's major quarries.

Recently she has worked with us on a project involving the promotion of public transport travel for school children. This has involved both a video for the classroom and one for teachers and school managers which addresses the issues about damage and poor behavior of some school children on buses.

We've known Tracie for a number of years and have always been impressed by her commitment. For us this meant fewer takes on location and the consequent early completion of projects.


We hold her in high regard!



Paul Barnett for Nexus Video Productions, England

President - Stephenville Lights

Excellent person to work with! Great personality PLUS very professional! 

Steve Allen -  Conference Organizer and Speaker, Business Owner Dallas/Forth Worth 

White Light Pictures

I have known Tracie Austin for five years and have used her services for presentation and voice-over work on several projects over this time. I have always found her professional in her approach, prompt and good-humored.

She has appeared in videos aimed at the public, children, and the corporate audience. In all of these fields she has been successful.

I intend to use Tracie again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

Iain McNamee

White Light Pictures, England

 Jim Penniston USAF Security Forces / Retired

I have had hundreds of interviews, but I can only count on one hand the ones that were professional and well researched. Tracie Austin is one such interviewer. She does her homework, and truly made my two hours on the air! Tracie Austin is everything the public expects from a radio host and interview!!!!

Jim Penniston - 2 June 2020




TV Host / Presenter for PBS Las Vegas Pledge Drive 2020

LTP with Tracie Austin 2018 FINAL.JPG

Radio Host with KGRA Digital Radio International - Broadcasting to 2 million plus listeners worldwide. This show is recognized within the top five shows broadcast weekly on Talk Stream Live and other media platforms - January 2018 to Present. To hear all archived shows visit -

Host & Producer of The Tracie Austin Show - A series of online podcasts discussing subjects of the strange but true! - 2016 to Present

Commnents From Viewers

Guest Appearance on the new TV Series Mysteries Decoded produced by CW Network - September 2019

Host and Producer of Let's Talk Paranormal, a TV talk show created for cable television in California, New York, Arizona and Iowa - 2002 to 2006
69 episodes. Three Time Telly Award Winner for it's excellence!

On-Camera Interview with Dr. Roger Leir and various other people who had witnessed the strange ariel phenomena called RODS also known as Sky Fish - California 2003

Host, Interviewer and Narrator for the LANDAU Project - A European Commission project - 1998

Host and Narrator for Partnerships in Travel  - County Council Education Authority UK - 1998

Host and Narrator for the Lymedale Park Project - Staffordshire County Council UK - 1998

 Host and Narrator for the Cauldon Low Quarry Project - Staffordshire County Council UK - 1998

Narrator for Arches Housing Project - White Light Pictures UK - 1998

Host and Narrator for Special Needs Project - Nexus Productions UK - 1998

Host, Interviewer & Narrator for the 120 Decibels Music and Art Exhibition - White Light Pictures UK - 1998

Reporter for UNN - A report of strange Ariel phenomena seen by many eye-witnesses in Hanchurch Woods, England 1998


A Few Comments From The Viewers

Your guest was great and Tracie asks key questions. Overall a tremendous show!

~ Maci Lau


Another excellent show!!!

~ Dark Realm Records


Tracie is a great host, and David and Nick are top researchers in the game.

~ M.

Two incredible episodes so far, and I can't wait for the upcoming show. Tracie you do an excellent job hosting, asking all the right, intelligent questions and the set looks great!

~ Dark Realm Records


Great show / keep them coming!

~ Rem Sleep Chant


I REALLY enjoy your show Tracie. Also, seeing a woman make it big on her own show is a wonderful person to look up to. 

~ Adrienne Yocina


Keep up the good work!

~Byron Ballard


Looking forward to your new shows Tracie. I'll be watching for sure

~ Tony Anastasio

Glad you're back on the air, Tracie. Hope to see more.

~ Condly Bristow


I'm not sure which I like more, your voice or the content! :) Either way great job!

~ Common Sense


An amazing show! Looking forward to more, thank you!

~ Stacey Mitchell


I love your show sweetie!

~ Jason Chacon


We needed an update on this issue, and this show was fantastic, very informative! Well done Tracie, keep up the great work!

~ Mark Porritt


Great interview, I enjoyed it very much!

~ Frank Davis


Great show! I wish the BBC 6 o'clock news was as engrossing as this.

~ M.P.


Love your shows and your interview style. You are a diamond!

~ General Jones


Hi Tracie, really enjoying the episodes. Please upload more if possible.

~ Mrs Mia Wallace


These programs are really great, thank you for posting them. I for sure want to catch your program on KGRA Sunday's live.

~ Steve 94044

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